Doug & Diane Bender – that’s us! – are very pleased to let you know that we have recently assumed ownership of Newgate Sandy Shores Campground. We’d like to thank Vic Robinson for the care and attention that he has given us in the last few weeks – he has made the transition smooth and simple. Vic will be residing in the Newgate area so make sure you look for him and give him a big HELLO!

Our vision for the campground is to maintain it as a quaint, rustic campground with some minor improvements to some facilities and services.Our staff will ensure that you have a peaceful safe stay at our campground … please let us know how we can make your stay even more enjoyable!

We will be doing some “fixing” on some of the roads/trails, adding a reception area and upgrading the shower, laundry, and store facility. Some of the existing sites are not friendly to long RVs so we’ll take a look at making some adjustments to the campground layout. We accept weekly reservations – from Sunday to Sunday – and we have initiated a Membership program that will give Members options to reserve weeks in 3, 6, or 26 week for 2 year groupings. We strive to accommodate site preference as much as possible but during the peak season – July & August – the choice may be limited. We will assure you, though, that there is not a “bad” site in the campground … all sites are close to the sandiest beaches around the Koocanusa.

As you know “rustic” means that there are no pipes and wires in the ground so you’ll need a quiet generator or solar system to top up your batteries. We’ll provide a weekly potable water & sani service to your RV so you won’t have to move it while you’re here (service included in fee).

See you at the Lake!

Doug & Diane Bender
Newgate Sandy Shores Campground